Via Ferrata

In recent years, the vías ferratas have become a booming activity in our mountains. These itineraries that goes though mountain walls or rocky massifs and are equipped with diverse material and elements to guarantee the safety of the users, allowing us to reach safely areas of difficult access on foot from which we can enjoy privileged views.

The via ferratas are ideal for those who want to have a first contact with the climbing of large walls and have a good day with friends or family in a dreamlike environment.

We will ascend the rocky walls through vertical or horizontal itineraries. The tracks are hundreds of meters high, which we will travel thanks to an equipment of staples, nails, handrails, chains, and sometimes Tibetan bridges, zip lines, etc …perfectly attached to the Walls. We will always be secured to a steel cable present throughout the tour.

In the surroundings of the different valleys of Cantabria, such as Ason, Alto Miera, Liebana, etc … We are fortunate to have different vías ferratas  of diverse levels, being able to adapt the route to the needs of each person, from those without experience who want to start in the activity, up to the middle and advanced levels for people with previous experience and who want to go one step further in the knowledge and development of this type of activities so attractive and full of adrenaline.

The vías Ferratas are classified according to the Hüsler scale, depending on the required strength, resistance, mountain experience and psychological aspects, such as verticality, exposure, etc …, this classification ranges from the simplest K1 (easy) up to K6 (extremely difficult).

Let yourself be guided by Valcan and spend a different day in contact with the nature with our professional guides!

Ferrata el Torreon

Located on the Levante peak, next to the Tetas de Lierganes, we find this Initiation via Ferrata, with a slope of 75m and a route of 120m. It is one of the most appropriate vía Ferrata to start in this type of activities since its equipment and situation allows us to carry out an activity in a safe and simple way with horizontal sections of lower physical demand and other more vertical and technical sections that will require from us a bigger concentration .

As a final culmination for the activity we can combine it with the realization of two rappels of about 40m in length. They are located a few meters from the final part of the Via Ferrata.

This is the closest vía Ferrata to Santander. From its final part we can enjoy spectacular views of the bay of Santander and Somo beach, as well as part of the mountains that make up the Porracolina massif and the Miera valley , among other.

Approach to the vía Ferrata from the parking takes about 5 min, return to the vehicles without making the rappels takes 15 min. Total time between 2 and 3 hours.

This via Ferrata is classified as K2 (Little Difficult).



Tiempo: 2-3 horas Esfuerzo: Bajo Periodo realización: Todo el año


Ferrata el Caliz

Located in Ramales de la Victoria, more specifically on the road to Haza, at the foot of the famous Covalanas caves.

This is a via ferrata of initiation that begins with a simple section that gains verticality between holm oaks and projections until reaching a small natural shelter, from which we can rest and contemplate the spectacular views of the Calera ravine and the San Vicente Peak.

 From here the road gains verticality and begins a continuous ascent between staples to reach a ledge area, which forks on two routes, the one on the left is more vertical and technical gives way to a Tibetan bridge that brings us closer to the exit and end of the route, the one on the right is simpler and avoids the bridge and the most compromised area of ​​the ferrata and connects us directly with the exit.

This is a route of about 300m and a slope of 120 m. It takes about 2 hours to complete the tour, along with the return to the vehicles for which we have two possibilities the road that goes to our right, takes us to Ramales and the one on the left, which takes us to the mouth of the Covalanas caves and of these to the parking lot that gives access to the Calera ravine and to the new via Ferrata of the same name.

This via Ferrata is classified as K2 (Little difficult) the simple section and K3 (Somewhat difficult) the bridge access section.



Tiempo: 2 horas Esfuerzo: Bajo Periodo realización: Todo el año


Ferrata el Risco

Located in the Matienzo Valley, more specifically in the Sedo neighborhood, on the southwest slope of the Mullir peak, a site with an outstanding geological value with important rocky walls, which forms one of the largest poljes in Europe.

With a distance of 250 meters and an unevenness of 80 meters, it is considered of difficulty K3 (Somewhat difficult). The road begins with a first simple wall between trees, continuing along a horizontal flank, in which, in times of rain we have to go through a small waterfall, which will make the route even more difficult. From here we reach the most vertical and demanding wall that leads to two possible exits, one on the left with athletic steps and a feeling of verticality and the most direct by a rather uncomfortable cable scale, both options are joined at the same point where we will make the Nepalese bridge with two cables and about 25 meters in length to reach the exit.

 The activity will take us around 2 hours, with an approach from the vehicles of 10 min by path and a return of about 15 min also by path.



Tiempo: 2 horas Esfuerzo: Bajo Periodo realización: Abril a Octubre


Ferrata del Calera

Located in Ramales de la Victoria, more specifically at the entrance to the parking of the Covalanas caves. This is a via ferrata that runs through the interior of the walls of the Calera ravine, from where we can have a unique perspective, of this special place.

 It is a ravine that runs dry most of the year but that in times of rain water usually circulates through it, which sometimes will not allow us to make the activity, since in the middle section we are forced to cross by the channel of the ravine.

We begin the tour with a small descent into the ravine from where you can already assess the level of water it can carry. During the tour we will have to flank two Tibetan bridges and a zip line of about 10 meters in length, the total route will be about 350 meters and about 60 meters of unevenness. In the final part we will find the most vertical and demanding steps that will require more physical effort and concentration.

The entire activity will take us about 2 hours, with an approach and almost immediate return to the place of departure. This via Ferrata is classified as K4 (Hard).



Tiempo: 2 horas Esfuerzo: Bajo Periodo realización: Todo el año



Ferrata de la Concha

Located in San Roque de Riomiera, a few meters from the Concha neighborhood, which gives its name to this ferrata. This is a horizontal route above the right bank of the Miera river, from which we will have a constant perspective under our feet, providing at all times a sense of verticality throughout the route.

 We will access through a Tibetan bridge of about 25 meters in length which will give way to a horizontal route in which two Nepalese bridges are interspersed one of 12 and another of 17 meters in length, in the intermediate route between these bridges we find an area extrapolated that will require greater concentration and extra physical effort to overcome it without difficulties. Later, after a short tour, we can rappel  about 30 meters in length to end up leaving the ferrata by a zip line of about 25 meters.

This is a route of about 850 meters and an unevenness of 80 meters, the road is classified as K4 (Hard). The complete activity will take us between 3 and 4 hours with an approach and return to the vehicles almost immediately.



Tiempo: 3-4 horas Esfuerzo: Moderado Periodo realización: Abril a Octubre


Ferrata de la Hermida

It locates in the town of La Hermida, belonging to the municipality of Peñarrubia, between Panes (Asturias) and Potes (Cantabria). Right in front of the well-known Hermida spa. This via ferrata is located along the northern slope of Mount Ajero, at the foot of the Picos de Europa National Park, with unsurpassed views of the Hermida Gorge and the Deva River.

This is a via ferrata with multiple options, from a small children’s route to the longest and therefore more interesting of about 6 km that would take us to the Ciloña cave. From Valcan we offer to make the route of the bridges that is the most known and habitual of this route, for its sporty and colorful character. In this route we will cross the two Tibetan bridges that make up the first one of about 30 meters in length and the second wooden step bridge of more than 95 meters in length and with a height of more than 100 meters to the void, which guarantees us a sense of verticality and also provides us with unbeatable views of the area.

This route is just over 900 meters long, overcoming a slope of more than 400 meters. The total time of the tour will be about 5 hours counting the approximation of about 15 minutes until

the beginning of the road and the return that will take us one hour of road along a forest path with a steep slope and then leave the road that goes down to the town of the Hermida. This tour is classified as K4 (Hard).



Tiempo: 5 horas Esfuerzo: Moderado Periodo realización: Abril a Octubre


Ferrata de los Llanos

Located in the town of Los Llanos, small town halfway between Potes and Fuente De. At the same entrance of the town and on the edge of the road we can leave the vehicles because from here the access to the ferrata begins by a small signposted path.

This ferret has a simple start with two vertical sections of wall, separated from each other by a short walk, they have an escape to the right which returns us to the access road. Once the most vertical and demanding main section has begun, it is where we begin to appreciate the hardness of the road, when we are going to reach the roof area we have another escape if we continue straight, this prevents us from making the Tibetan bridge and takes us directly at the end of the road.

If we continue towards the Tibetan bridge of about 8 meters, we will enjoy the most aerial part of the vía ferrata and at the exit of said bridge we find the most exposed and demanding section of all the activity. At the exit of the bridge we can choose a shorter and more direct path to the top or on the contrary we enter the most difficult section that is a route along the roof edge with two steps in free and a strong overhanging wall only recommended for people with notions of climbing. This section of the ferrata is classified as K5. The total route is about 190 meters and a slope of 160 meters, short but very intense itinerary that will demand the best of us.

The approximate duration of the activity will be about 2.5 hours counting the return, the via ferrata is classified as K5 (Very Difficult) optional step at the exit of Tibetan bridge we do not do it with clients, in the previous sections and exit of the bridge k4 (Hard) and in the beginning K2 (Little difficult).

Valcan only performs with its customers the easiest K4 exit crossing.


Tiempo: 2,5 horas Esfuerzo: Moderado Periodo realización: Abril a Octubre



These activities are only for people who already have certain knowledge of progression and who have done via ferrata before, being able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

To do this, VALCAN will require that we carry out some other activity together, prior to contracting any of these activities. With which we will reserve the right to admission or not to said activity.

Ferrata La Ermita

Located in the town of Socueva, near Arredondo, we start from the hermitage of San Juan towards the climbing area, by a little signposted track until we reach the small parking lot with capacity for about 5 vehicles.

It is a long vía Ferrata of about 550 meters of route and a drop of 250 meters, with areas of collapse and natural grips, mixing anchors and areas of rock grip for hands and feet, more typical of a climbing activity. Therefore, it is a physically hard and demanding activity that will require all our concentration throughout its way.

This tour begins in a vertical wall, which a few meters away will give us the chance to go left or continue straight ahead. With the route on the left we will avoid the most complicated steps but that doesn’t mean that this option is not difficult. If we choose to continue facing the most athletic and complicated steps, we must be prepared to face remote steps and a collapsed area that will demand all our concentration and physical effort. To finalize, the two options join in a small air route with few staples and small size that will not let us rest until the end. The return will be made on our left side through the path to Buzulucueva, descending to the vehicles.

The approximate duration of the activity will be about 3 hours counting the return, the via ferrata is classified as K5 (Very Difficult).

Valcan only makes with its clients the easiest crossing on the left.


Tiempo: 3 horas Esfuerzo: Alto Meses de realización: Junio a Septiembre


Night Ferrata

Enjoy the progression on a Via Ferrata under the darkness of the night and with the illumination of our front, the Moon and the stars will accompany our steps during the nights of

Summer, it is a unique experience and only suitable for those people in search of borderline and adrenaline sensations.


Tiempo: 3 horas Esfuerzo: Alto Meses de realización: Junio a Septiembre



Guide / s
Backpack and gloves
Technical material
Picnic (energy bar + water bottle)
Photographic report
Accident and Civil Liability Insurance


Sports pants, thermal shirt, windproof jacket or fleece
Mountain boots or sports shoes
Elastic or hair band to collect hair
Cream and Cap for sunny days

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